The highly transactive Media Zone at Discovery Gateway

by Jennifer Rae Kinyak on February 5, 2009

in Exhibit Design & Development

Sometimes, the best projects are the really fast, smallish, down-and-dirty ones. Discovery Gateway's redesign of its Media Zone exhibit is one of those. The Salt Lake City children's museum employed Andrew Merriell & Associates to do the redesign, and I was the chief designer on the project. Media Zone is a place where kids can learn about the many creative people who work together to make media—by stepping into their shoes. A family can write a news story at one station, record some special effects for it in front of the blue screen, and then go to the anchor desk to finish up their reporting. One kid can try out video editing while another works on graphics. Text-heavy panels are kept to a minimum, learning is constructive and experiential, and what one visitor leaves behind may be used by the next—an experiment in transactivity, the idea that both the visitor and the exhibit should be changed by their encounter. Thanks to Discovery Gateway's brilliant in-house designers, prototypers, and fabricators, we were able to take this exhibit from concept to opening day in about four months.

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