New Art of Manliness Store is Open!

by Ted Slampyak on June 17, 2013

in Illustration

The new Art of Manliness Store is up and running. In addition to some very nice t-shirts, notebooks, stickers and books, it features a section on posters, including my Know Your Lifts posters and my Smartphone Etiquette series. Check it out!

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Frederick Douglass Comic on Art of Manliness!

by Ted Slampyak on March 2, 2013

in Illustration

FD Piece

We’re trying something different at Art of Manliness — well, different for them; a historical moment conveyed in comics form!

I’m very proud of this story we put together from an excerpt of Frederick Douglass’ autobiography. In his own words, Douglass describes a moment when he asserted his rights as a human being.

If this one goes over well we’ll do more. It seems like that’s already the case.

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Smartphone Etiquette Posters

by Ted Slampyak on January 9, 2013

in Illustration

Smartphone Etiquette poster

I’ve created a series of vintage-style posters for the lifestyle blog Art of Manliness highlighting smartphone etiquette.

The posters are inspired from the old safety posters of the ’40s through the ’60s that would be put up in workplaces to remind workers the importance of wearing a hardhat or the dangers of loose clothing or not enough sleep.

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Savage Selling Well for Holidays!

by Ted Slampyak on December 11, 2012

in Illustration

The cover of the new SAVAGE graphic novelSince being included in the Art of Manliness’ Gift Guide this year, Savage, the graphic novel about a vampire hunter in the Old West written by R.A. Jones and drawn by Ted, has been selling very well! We’ve sold more than fifty from our sales page, where you can also get copies of Ted’s Jazz Age two-volume set. Ted will sign them to whomever you ask, and there’s even a free shipping option! (Though this close to Christmas I’d recommend paying extra for Priority Mail.)

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Annie eBook Now On Sale!

by Ted Slampyak on December 3, 2012

in Illustration

The first volume reprinting the Annie newspaper strips by writer Jay Maeder and artist Ted Slampyak is now available as an eBook on iTunes!

The first collection presents Maeder & Slampyak’s first two stories, “The Phantom Commando” and “Queen of the Martian Iguanas”.

A summary of the book and link to the iTunes site can be found here.

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Coming Soon: The First Annie eBook!

by Ted Slampyak on October 17, 2012

in Illustration

Tribune Media, the owners and syndicators of the late, lamented Annie newspaper strip, are about to publish the first of a series of Annie eBooks reprinting all the stories that writer Jay Maeder and I created over our six-year stretch on the series!

Volume One, which will come out in November, will cover the first two stories we did, The Phantom Commando and The Queen of the Martian Iguanas. The second story takes place in New Mexico and introduces my favorite guest stars of the series, the Broadcast Ranch Boys!

The eBooks are formatted for various media & devices, but I hear they’ll look best on an iPad. More word on the release of this first volume when I hear more!

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Know Your Lifts!

by Ted Slampyak on October 5, 2012

in Illustration

We’ve started a new series over at Art of Manliness—Know Your Lifts! Our first installment covers the High-Bar Back Squat!

The idea of the series came about after Jennifer and I joined our local CrossFit gym. For months, whenever our coaches would tell us to do a certain kind of lift, we’d be clueless. We’re still just now getting used to how a snatch differs from a clean or a jerk from a press. We realized it would be great to have a handy guide where you can look these up. The first step toward that is a series of posts showing which lift is which.

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Seven Footprints to Satan!

by Ted Slampyak on October 1, 2012

in Illustration

Work is going slowly on my latest comics project, Seven Footprints to Satan, an adaptation of the 1927 Abraham Merritt novel about an adventurer who gets kidnapped into a strange satanic cult. The comic is being written by Mark Ellis, who’s written loads of comics over the years as well as the very successful “Outlanders” series of paperbacks under the pseudonym James Axler.

The work is slow because I’ve been so busy on so many fronts, but I’m happy with how it’s looking so far. I’ll keep you updated as we go!

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by Ted Slampyak on September 30, 2012

in Illustration

My latest Art of Manliness piece, “How to Remove a Fish Hook From Your Finger,” is online.

Don’t worry; I didn’t draw any blood. So to speak. But YOU will, no doubt, if you get a fish hook stuck in your finger!

As you can see, the elements of each illustration are basically the same—the finger, the hook, the other finger. And they’re in much the same arrangement. I wanted each illustration to be individually drawn but I needed them all to be consistent, so I drew each element separately and then traced them for each illustration.

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Savage’s R.A. Jones Interview

by Ted Slampyak on September 20, 2012

in Illustration

Comic Related has a nice interview of SAVAGE writer R.A. Jones you should check out.

Here’s a highlight:

“I love the way it turned out – due in large part to the stylish visuals of Ted Slampyak. Thanks, buddy!”

No, thank YOU, R.A.!

And remember, the rest of you, that you can buy copies of SAVAGE as well as Jazz Age signed by the artist!

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