It’s a Wrap — I think…!

by Ted Slampyak on July 10, 2007

in Storyboards

The storyboard job is finished now. At least I think it is. I sent in my batch of "final" panels this afternoon and haven't heard back. That's not uncommon -- they're incredibly busy, of course, and have better things to do than tell me that they don't need anything from me. Since my scheduled time with them is up, I'll just assume it all went well unless I hear otherwise from them.

One of the hardest aspects of self-employment is the need for objective thinking about your work. I go to every new client with a little trepidation, a little nervousness. Even though I know my work is good, there's no guarantee that someone else will think so, and if their expectations are different from mine, there could be trouble. And when I'm being paid for my time, as opposed to charging for the project, I'm sensitive to the possibility that a mistake of mine will cost my client a good deal of money.

Luckily, they seemed to like my work. I liked it. And hopefully they liked it enough to recommend me to the next movie that comes to town. I'm ready!

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