I’m a Regular Illustrator at Popular Mechanics!

by Ted Slampyak on May 6, 2015

in Illustration

Popular Mechanics, the well-known, long-running magazine that shows "easy ways to do hard things," is revising its old regular feature "Shop Notes", with quick tips on various how-to subjects. I'm going to be the regular illustrator for the feature, which will also include photographs. Of course, they found me through my work with Art of Manliness. Like my AoM work, these illustrations will be in a vintage style, with limited spot color. (See teaser sample below.) Some of the "Shop Notes" articles will be revised reprints of pieces that ran a hundred years ago or more, so it seems appropriate. (The editors will make sure that the information is still timely, however. One of the articles for the premiere edition had to be revised for that reason.) "Shop Notes" begins with the July/August issue of this year. Promo Art 7-15  

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