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Popular Mechanics, the well-known, long-running magazine that shows “easy ways to do hard things,” is revising its old regular feature “Shop Notes”, with quick tips on various how-to subjects. I’m going to be the regular illustrator for the feature, which will also include photographs.

Of course, they found me through my work with Art of Manliness. Like my AoM work, these illustrations will be in a vintage style, with limited spot color. (See teaser sample below.) Some of the “Shop Notes” articles will be revised reprints of pieces that ran a hundred years ago or more, so it seems appropriate. (The editors will make sure that the information is still timely, however. One of the articles for the premiere edition had to be revised for that reason.)

“Shop Notes” begins with the July/August issue of this year.

Promo Art 7-15


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100 Deadly Skills

by Ted Slampyak on January 23, 2015

in Illustration

Ad for 100 Deadly Skills Ad for 100 Deadly Skills

I just finished a project I’ve been working on for more than six months: a series of illustrations/infographics for a book coming out in October: 100 Deadly Skills. I worked with a retired Navy Seal on secrets and skills of his trade, like improvised body armor, lockpicking and escape from abduction. And yes, I did 100 of them.

The book is scheduled to come out in October. First it needs to be approved for publication by the Pentagon — I kid you not. More information to come!

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I’m a 38th Voyager!

by Ted Slampyak on June 14, 2014

in Illustration,Inspiration

In early July I’ll be sailing aboard the last remaining wooden whaling ship, The Charles W. Morgan, newly restored and making its 38th voyage—and its first in nearly a hundred years—right now.

Mystic Seaport has chosen a handful of people to each travel one leg of this voyage and then create something from their experience. I’ll be making a comic book that I hope will capture the feeling and meaning that comes from this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Wish me smooth sailing and keep an eye out on the horizon! I’ll let you know how it all goes!

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Newest Know Your Lifts Piece

by Ted Slampyak on April 9, 2014

in Illustration

Know Your Lifts: Power Jerk & Split Jerk

The latest Know Your Lifts piece is up on Art of Manliness: The Power Jerk & Split Jerk. This continues the Know Your Lifts series, and will soon join the set of posters available at the Art of Manliness store site.

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Gold ADDY Award!

by Ted Slampyak on March 1, 2014

in Illustration

ADDY materials on display with other winners. ADDY materials on display with other winners.

At last night’s New Mexico ADDY awards, presented at the Isleta Hotel in Albuquerque, the promotional material for LAST year’s ADDYs, featuring my illustration, won its own Gold ADDY Award, as well as making the “Albuquerque Thirty” list of most creative ideas submitted.

Now, while it’s hardly unheard of that the creative from the previous year’s ADDYS wins an ADDY (like the previous year’s Emmy awards show winning an Emmy!) it doesn’t always happen. All the judges for the ADDYs are from other markets so there is impartiality.

24 Gold ADDYs in total were given out last night. I’m very proud that the work we did on the ADDY committee last year won one of them.

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Albuquerque Comic Con

by Ted Slampyak on January 8, 2014

in Illustration

I’ll be a guest at the fourth annual Albuquerque Comic Con this weekend, and I’ll be selling an exclusive Savage print featuring a beautiful depiction of the Sandias at sunset. It’s a limited-edition print that’ll only be available at the show.

I’ll also, as usual, have books, original art and sketches to sell, and of course I’ll be happy to meet you! So stop by and say hello!

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Even MORE Breaking Bad Storyboards!

by Ted Slampyak on September 23, 2013

in Illustration

The hit series Breaking Bad is ending this Sunday. In honor of the occasion I’m posting the last of my storyboards for the series.

This scene, like the previous storyboard I posted, was for the Season 5 episode “Buyout.” SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen this episode but want to, don’t look!

506 Scene 29_Page_1506 Scene 29_Page_2506 Scene 29_Page_3

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More Breaking Bad Storyboards Revealed!

by Ted Slampyak on September 13, 2013

in Illustration

Last week I posted some storyboards I did for Breaking Bad in their fourth season. I did some storyboards for the episode “Buyout” in Season 5. I drew two scenes; the first one, the episode teaser, is shown below. (SPOILER: Don’t look if you haven’t seen that episode but plan to!)

Breaking Bad 506 Teaser_Page_1

Breaking Bad 506 Teaser_Page_2

Breaking Bad 506 Teaser_Page_3

Breaking Bad 506 Teaser_Page_4

Breaking Bad 506 Teaser_Page_5

Breaking Bad 506 Teaser_Page_6

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Pantone Fashion Color Report, Spring 2014

by Ted Slampyak on September 13, 2013

in Illustration,Inspiration

Pantone Fashion Color Report, Spring 2014

It’s not just fashion designers or fashion illustrators who need to keep on top of the latest fashions. Trends in one field of design always influence others, and it’s a good idea to stay on top of the latest styles.

I’ve been trying lately to be more mindful of fashion. As an illustrator for the Art of Manliness and Real Men Real Style sites, of course, I need to know. Plus, I’m tired of being told my women look like they’re from the ’80s.

Pantone has come out with their report on the colors of next fall’s women’s fashions, as well as interviews with several designers and fashion influencers. If you’re a designer or illustrator of any type, or if you’re just curious, go check it out.

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Breaking Bad Storyboard Revealed!

by Ted Slampyak on September 4, 2013

in Illustration,Storyboards

In honor of the much-talked-about approaching series finale to Breaking Bad, a show filmed here in New Mexico, here, in its entirety, is the storyboard sequence I drew for the show back in season 4. This was for the episode entitled “Problem Dog.” (SPOILER ALERT: Don’t look at them if you haven’t seen the episode but plan to!)

Breaking Bad_Page_1 Breaking Bad_Page_2 Breaking Bad_Page_3 Breaking Bad_Page_4 Breaking Bad_Page_5

In the script, Walt uses the car’s cigarette lighter. It was matches in the final version. And I think I had the idea of using the car’s paperwork to light the tank, but I don’t recall what it originally was. A rag, perhaps? I’m fuzzy on that.Breaking Bad_Page_6 Breaking Bad_Page_7 Breaking Bad_Page_8 Breaking Bad_Page_9

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