Broad Street Frequencies, an exhibit about the sounds of Philadelphia

by Jennifer Rae Kinyak on February 5, 2009

in Exhibit Design & Development

When I move to a new city, I like to immerse myself in its flavors: books about it, movies, foods, and especially music. Philly's soul music is famous for lush orchestration, romantic moods, and a smoothness you're not going to find in, say, Memphis. Living in Philly, I was surprised to find that the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra was famous for having almost the same qualities, and I started to think more about how a place creates the sounds that come out of it. An exhibit called Broad Street Frequencies was born, using the city's longest north-south vein as a means to explore the musical, organic, urban, and industrial sounds that Philly creates. I developed and designed this project, including graphic design and construction documents, while studying for my MFA in museum exhibition planning and design.

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