A Building for the Kurdish Regional Government

by Jennifer Rae Kinyak on February 3, 2009

in Exhibit Design & Development

krgcurtainSometimes our work in museum exhibit development and design can lead us to unexpectedly delightful places. In this case, Kurdistan, although not literally, since we personally did not get to visit. You see, we have a little bit of experience working with Ramona Sakiestewa on her Cultural Values consulting projects, like the one Ramona and I did for the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation. These projects, which involve creating design vocabularies and other resources for architects and designers to use when they're working with tribal populations, attracted the attention of some people who are working with the Kurdish Regional Government on designing a new building…and somehow it all came together. Assisting Ramona (who does get to go to Iraq for this project), I have been working on designs for the building's floor—marble and carpet—walls, fountains, and a gorgeous theater curtain. All of the designs are adapted from traditional Kurdish textiles. We want to design a building that's warm, rich, elegant, stately, dignified…all the things we'd like our governments to aspire to.

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trishymouse July 30, 2009 at 7:24 am

VERY interesting! My daughter married a Kurdish refugee, now American citizen, about 12 years ago. His family lived in the north of Iraq and they lost his parents and older brother to Saddam’s chemical warfare which gassed their village. My son-in-law Meran is an amazing man and I’ve learned a lot about their culture which I didn’t know about at all really before. The world is an amazing place… BTW, I have a blog that chronicled whe he did two years as a contract translator in Iraq at the beginning of this war in 2003 and 2004 at http://waitingplace.blogspot.com

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